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National Energy Company Engages Jabo Communications in Nationwide SIP Voice Deployment

Seeking a Knowledgeable Carrier Beyond the Demarcation

Our client (“National Energy”) is an energy development and services company that specializes in natural gas compression, gathering, exploration and production, well servicing and gas measurement. National Energy has various businesses that operate in 87 offices across 16 states.

As a result of the company’s aggressive growth both organically and through multiple acquisitions, National Energy required the services of an enhanced voice carrier that provided the technology infrastructure that allowed for flexible growth, easy management and rapid deployment. National Energy needed a enhanced voice carrier that not only understood its evolving needs but was capable of physically configuring and implementing effective services while critically controlling costs.

National Energy chose Jabo Communications as its carrier of choice to deliver SIP Based Voice Trunks and Voice PRI service. An estimated 75% of National Energy’s current sites have transitioned to Jabo, with full conversion expected by the Summer of 2012. At completion, National Energy will experience a 50%+ savings over its current cost, resulting in an annual savings of more than $250,000.

 Reining in dozens of Carriers 

With such a wide dispersion of facilities, National Energy had over the years acquired carrier voice services from dozens of different providers, from major national carriers to regional Tier 3 providers. As a result, National Energy dedicated significant administrative resources to bill processing and order management. National Energy needed to streamline these services to one vendor and capitalize on its robust existing Wide Area Network. Jabo allowed them to accomplish this goal. From its Tier 1 Network Hub in Dallas, Jabo has a virtual presence in over 7000 rate centers throughout the US allowing local 911, directory assistance, and any other feature normally associated with traditional carriers. Choosing Jabo has allowed National Energy to reduce and streamline deployment cost, decrease time to market, and dramatically reduce monthly expenses.

Elegant Design Built Around the Enterprise PBX

National Energy has recently deployed a powerful PBX system by Shoretel. Jabo technicians are experts in understanding the PBX environment. In fact Jabo has factory trained technicians for the Shoretel PBX as well as many others. Because of our knowledge of the PBX, we were able to design a carrier communication plan that offered a very elegant and robust technology which highlighted the ShoreTel WAN capabilities, remote survivability, and local 911 handoff for disaster prone environments. Taking advantage of National Energy’s robust WAN, Jabo is able to deploy all of National Energy’s 87 offices with one common termination point. This eliminates thousands in gateway cost and third party carrier contracts in remote markets. Simply put, the PBX Host the environment centrally. Why shouldn’t the telephone service as well? What about WAN recovery, remote survivability, 911 rerouting, and voice back-haul? All of these are addressed and covered in our design with National Energy. No other carrier is postioned as well as Jabo – we can provide design expertise from the inside out. This truly seperates us from all others.

Beyond Delivering Dial Tone

Carriers rarely if ever take an active role in ensuring your environments top performance. Jabo takes many steps to enhance our value to the client starting at the design phase but also in real time activity that ensures the clients voice network is running at optimal performance.

Creating the Voice Grid

Jabo allows National Energy to deploy a dormant voice grid only activated in cases of network disruption. At full completion Jabo gateways will be deployed in National Energy’s core locations. Jabo uses immediate “IP Redirect” in the event of a network failure. This ensures a continuous flow of voice services without interruption. Beyond the global concerns of network outages, Jabo was able to design in conjunction with Shoretel a plan to offload local 911 calls in the event of local network outages. Typically this involves maintaining one analog line at the local site used for other services such as alarm panels as well as 911 routing in cases of emergency.

 Points Of Interest:

  • 2000+ Telephone Numbers
  • Savings of Over  $250,000 Annually
  • 87 Locations
  • 16 States
  • On-Net 911 Routing
  • Disaster Recovery


Our Commitment to Our Customers

At Jabo Communications we realize our success has and will be directly linked to our commitment to our client’s needs. The core trait that exemplifies our approach to customer service is to understand that our clients have many choices when it comes to their telecommunication needs. We humbly admit that we are not the “only qualified player in town”; therefore our appreciation goes well beyond a simple thank you. Our commitment is to ensure that your needs are addressed to the full extent of our capabilities no matter what the cost. The trusted relationships that we have developed with our clients are our most valuable asset as a company. We are truly dedicated to your needs.