About Us

Jabo Communications is a Dallas based boutique communications firm that provides nationwide voice and data services to select enterprise clients.  Jabo is dedicated to adding value to businesses by providing customized nationwide voice and data services, pricing and billing structures designed after extensive consultation with each client to address the unique goals of that user’s business model.  Jabo limits its client base to those users who will experience the most dramatic benefits from Jabo’s nimble approach to creating a superior customer service experience.

Customer Service:

· Highly Personalized Service

· Quick Decision Making

· Consultative Approach


· Voice and Data Services to fit the client’s business model

· Efficient Pricing Structures

· Customized Invoices

Jabo Communications’ success is a direct reflection of the company’s unique appreciation for inefficiencies in traditional voice and data services, and responsive commitment to addressing directly each client’s business goals. Through efficiency-based consultation, Jabo has developed relationships of trust with each of its clients.  Jabo operates as a partner – not just a service provider – to each client with the shared goal of moving business forward through unparalleled communication services.